Dear Visitor,

As indicated in Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, everyone is obliged to pay tax to cover public expenses, according to their financial strength. On the other hand, governments are responsible for assuring a fair and equal dispersion of tax burden on individuals. It is merely possible to establish a fair and balanced tax system only if there is an effective tax inspection system, which can be stated as the social objective of finance policy.

The Tax Inspection Board was established in July 10, 2011, by the Statutory Decree of 646 with the aim of building up an effective tax inspection system. The Board is vested with competence and power in the fields of tax auditing, inspection, supervision and inquiry, also takes an effective role in fighting against informal economy and corruption.

At the turn of its third year since its establishment, Our Board draws its strength from the experiences and knowledge of Financial Inspection Board (MTK) and Account Experts Board, also The Revenue Administration Controllers and auditors, all together.

Within this three year  period, The Tax Inspection Board has strengthened its organizational structure across the country, with its 40 provincial organizations in 29 cities. On the other hand, we, so far, have employed approximately 5000 assistant tax inspectors, with the objective of handing institutive experience and knowledge down to young and dynamic generations self-esteemed, and having ethical and scientific values.

Developments in Information Technologies have profoundly affected not only the cultural and organizational structure but also the functioning of public administration as well as the technics and methods of providing services.This transformation in public administration has also affected the methods and technics of “audit”, which is one of the basic functions of administration.

With the aim of benefiting from Information Processing Technologies at maximum level, our Board has been developing risk analysis methods to prevent tax evasion. We analyze and compare the economic activities of taxpayers by groups and sectors and thus determine the risky fields, over The Tax Inspection Board’s Risk Analysis System (VDK-RAS), built up by bringing together all kind of information, data and statistics.

The Tax Inspection Board is a dynamic body who swiftly adjust itself to the changing global and economic situations and developing authentic and inventive technics of inspection in view of new conditions. The Board conducts its activities by sticking to the principles of independence, neutrality, objectivity and unprejudiced. Also, it pre-eminently adopts as a principle to guard not only of the state’s rights but also of the tax payer’s rights. Within the framework of these principles, the Board increases its activities in the fields of increasing the power and capacity of auditing, preventing tax loss and evasion, and fighting against corruption and informal economy.

I hereby state that we, I and my colleagues, shall carry out the mission of The Presidency of Tax Inspection Board in an objective, neutral and equitable way, which I assumed as of the date of May 2, 2014.

With regards,