Entering the Profession

In order to attend to Assistant Tax Inspector Selection Exam, candidates firstly have to succeed in the Civil Servants Selection Exam (KPSS) conducted by ÖSYM (Assesment,  Selection and Placement Center) by getting the average score determined by the Presidency.

Candidates who take the necessary score in this exam, are tested with a written and an oral exam by the Presidency. The date, place and conditions of the entrance exam, application place and application deadline are determined by the Presidency of Tax Inspection Board.

In order to be recruited as an Assistant Tax Inspector, an undergraduate degree in law, political studies, economics, management or any area in faculty of economics and administrative sciences is needed. Candidates should be less than thirty-five years old as of the day of the exam.

The most successful 25% of those attended to the exam, are recruited within the Group of Large Taxpayers, of Combating  with Organized Tax Crime or the Group of Thin Capitalization, Transfer Pricing and Offshore Income Transactions by the assignment of the Minister.

 Those out of the most successful 5% in the selection exam, are subject to a fundamental training of three months. This programme consists of fundamental tax legislation, revision, tax analysis techniques, expenditure and public real estate legislation and other relative issues.

Those out of the most successful 5% in the entrance exam and out of the most successful 25% in the final exam are recruited in one of Small and Medium Taxpayers Groups by considering their preferences and success in the exam.