Appointment as Tax Inspector

Provided that they perform their duties for three years and succeed according to their performance evaluation, Assistant Tax Inspectors are entitled to attend to proficiency exam. In order to be successful in the proficiency exam, the sum of 30% of the score taken in the entrance exam and the 70% of the score taken in the proficiency exam must be at least 65 out of 100 full score. Those who succeed in proficiency exam are assigned as Tax Inspectors. The most successful 5% of Tax Inspectors who appointed as Senior Tax Inspectors and the most successful 5% in the proficiency exam of Tax Inspectors who work within the Group of Small and Medium Sized Taxpayers; are assigned to the Group of Large Taxpayers, the Group of Combating with Organized Tax Fraud or the Group of Thin Capitalization, Transfer Pricing and Crossborder Transactions.