Seminar on Taxpayer Rights and Obligations in the Tax Auditing

President of the Turkish Tax Inspection Board, Mr. Hüseyin KARAKUM, attended the seminar on “Taxpayer Rights and Obligations in Tax Auditing” organized by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce on 07/04/2016 as a speaker. The program of the seminar was as follows:

The President of the Board stated “We do not have any drawbacks in the field of legal regulations compared to developed countries, however we have problems in the application. That’s why we want to guide the application and inform the tax payers.”

The President of the Board drew attention to taxpayers’ rights that are increasingly becoming an important field and also stated that tax is very crucial not only for government but also for taxpayers.

The President specified that the board tries to inform tax payers about their rights and also provide a sense of confidence. He added that “Tax payer rights are not only needed by taxpayers but also by the public administration in order to achieve efficient taxation. It is so important to conduct the tax audit together with the taxpayers and to meet their expectations. Solving problems is only possible by the way of an effective communication.”

The President emphasized that Turkish Tax Inspection Board is ready to give all kinds of support and added: ‘We are open to all opinions, if you are not satisfied. We really care about tax payers’ rights.  There is a strong relationship between Turkish Tax Inspection Board and the rights of tax payers.’